Army of Bots

MoniGarr’s Army of Bots have been online since the mid1990s

  • Web Bots: scraping, translating, chatting, analyzing data and more
  • IM Bots: chat on all social media
  • Providing responses to any and all devices (web, phone, mobile, robotics, animatronics…)
  • Endangered & Indigenous Language Revival Projects
  • Testing & Scoring students
  • Corporate Sales Support
  • Human Resources
  • Instant Messaging
  • Fast Search of References, Documentation
  • Integrate voice with talking toys, animatronics and robotics
  • Integrate knowledge with Smart Homes
  • Integrate knowledge with Internet of Things, Internet of Everything
  • Integrate with Video Games, Mobile Devices
  • MoniGarr authored and  published : Army of Web Bots in 2002

Tutorials & Tech Training

Online and live in person technical training & tutorials available at

iOS & Android Projects

Standard iOS and Android projects that pull your own A.I. Bots with your own open-source installation of Program-O.   The iOS & Android mobile apps use simple web views or custom native UI elements for phones, tablets, wearables, auto, tv and more.


AIML is artificial intelligence markup language. MoniGarr creates AIML sets since the mid 1990s, that provide friendly, professional and knowledgeable conversations to help Indigenous Languages Revival projects.

AIML sets are used by software bots; aka chatbots, chatterbots, virtual humans, bots, imbots, and fb bots.

Bronze Medal Winner

MoniGarr competed in the earliest world-wide tech competitions (chatterbot challenge) and earned the bronze medal for the most knowledgeable bot, Onkwehonwehneha A.I.

Onkwehonwehneha A.I. is the world’s first Indigenous Language translating software bot and earned recognition from National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation in 2007.

Onkwehonwehneha A.I. has been integrated with animatronics, physical robots, talking toys, voice recognition systems, beepers, telephone systems, mobile devices and can be integrated with any computer communication system (android automobile, iwatch, android watch, internet of things, internet of everything, radio broadcasting, video games and much more…

Hire MoniGarr

MoniGarr can get your software bots up and running fairly quickly.

  • Set up and manage your own Indigenous Language Revival bots for your own company on your own web servers.

  • Meet with your team to help you make this all work for your own specific situation with your own resources.

  • Spend time with your subject matter experts / fluent speakers to create a custom aiml set for your own project.

  • Corporate training to teach your team how to manage the AIML sets, update AIML, review and analyze the chat logs to update the AIML sets as needed.

MoniGarr A.I. Bots

Ideal for: education, edutainment, entertainment, health, sales, tech support, customer support, dictionaries, tech reference.

Integrates with: ios, android, wearables, tv, auto, voice interface, gui, internet of things, animatronics, telephone answering systems, video games and more.

Resources A.I. Bot Demos:  contact and request demos for your specific interests. A.I. Bot Training A.I. Bot Wiki