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About the founder Monica Peters (MoniGarr):

In 1996 I began building websites for corporate clients as a freelancer. In 2010 I began building iOS and Android mobile apps. Today, I’ve built and published over 300 websites and over 30 native, hybrid and mobile web apps for startups, corporations and government agencies in North America and Australia.

I am driven by a simple goal:  Deliver high-quality software solutions and ensure projects run smoothly, strategically, on schedule and predictably. Building you the best solution possible is critical and so is the process it takes to get there. That’s where I come in.

My friends call me MoniGarr and I created this website in the early 1990s to showcase some of my work as a technical consultant.  You can find details about my career, portfolio, training and technology awards I’ve earned at http://www.LinkedIn.com/in/monigarr

Here is a peak at the mobile app development process I typically use. It’s a flexible combination of the most popular Software Development Lifecycle tactics (agile, extreme, test driven development and others). It’s flexible so I can work with your team or solo as a project lead or a follower.  Schedule me to complete your next mobile software project, or a technical consultation and find out if I can help you and your team: http://shop.MoniGarr.com

Mobile App Development Process Overview by MoniGarr Mobile App Development Process by MoniGarr

I created my first software program in the mid 1970s using a Tandy TRS-80 and C programming book. It was one of the first books I found lying around the house,  when I was first learning how to read as a child. My software program told a never-ending story based on what the reader chose for the main character while reading the story. It was a little like the Eliza program that I saw about that time when i was quietly observing a group of military communications specialists gathered around one of their computers. I grew up in a house where it was common to rebuild, debug, and fix broken radios,various  communication gadgets and cars for fun (to satisfy curiosity). I’m still a very curious autodidact today.

I’ve been developing websites, web apps, e-commerce solutions, technical documentation, and technical training for corporate clients, small business owners, entrepreneurs and artists in the USA, Canada, and worldwide since 1996 professionally and much longer for fun.

I’ve been developing & publishing native mobile apps since 2010 and you can find them in the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Amazon App Store, (soon: android wearables, samsung gear wearables…).

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn” ~ Alvin Toffler

I am a life long autodidact (self-taught) and totally agree with Alvin Toffler’s view.  In our industry, those special few that “know everything their is to know about everything” have the highest success rate at causing projects to fail; that’s why I  remind my peers & workshop participants that I am also an autodidact and I really am happy to be learning something new every day – especially with my peers that participate in my technology workshops!

As an autodidact participant in my technology workshops and classes, you are expected to actually participate and build solutions with the entire class. Sitting quietly and just listening is discouraged because it is known for setting up a developer to fail.  Our human brains require that we actually get ourselves entirely involved & committed & enjoying  our chosen learning experience; so that we can absorb & become competent with the knowledge & new skills for future projects when we need it.

I look forward to helping my fellow autodidacts with their internet business adventures. I enjoy teaching and helping you to gain new skills with native iOS mobile app development, native Android mobile app development, hybrid iOS & Android mobile app development, mobile web development, website development, website design, graphic design, software installations, software development, debugging, testing, usability testing, wordpress installations, wordpress customizations, wordpress management, linux, apache, mysql, php, ruby on rails, heroku, parse.com, github.com, git, cli, telnet, ftp, dreamweaver, adobe cs6 suite, photoshop, adobe illustrator, mac, pc, unix, and so much more.  http://learn.monigarr.com

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