LLC LLC offers custom software development industry experience to  small business, startups, local, state and federal government agencies in North America.


Free Developer Access and software templates to re-use. Get you & your team out of the “re-inventing the wheel” loop! Save months and years of development headaches and focus on what makes your games, websites & software solutions unique for your own customers.


Request new bots, new features and custom tech training for your team with monthly api access options to help your specific business logic and use cases.

Grow while we handle scalability, reliability and maintenance of our award winning, battle tested AI Bots api. It provides unique nlp content, secret commands for iot, entertaining natural conversations for interactive commands in mixed reality environments and endangered language translations (text, multimedia).

All provided to you with one simple endpoint and private developer key for any of your software and website projects!

Capability Statement:


  • Custom Mobile Software Services:

    • Architecture, Research, Development, Programming, Design, Debugging and Troubleshooting.
    • Team: lead, mentor, support
    • Project Management &  Planning.
    • Technical Support & Training.
    • App Store Publishing, Maintenance and Marketing.
    • Usability Testing.
    • Heuristics Analysis.
    • Technical Documentation: budgets, timelines, technical specifications, tech solution comparisons, swot analysis, business viability, project quotes, project proposals
  • iOS Development

    • native objective-c
    • native Swift
    • hybrid / mobile web html5, css3, js  (preference for native)
    • XCode
  • Android Development

    • native Java
    • hybrid / mobile web html5, css3, js  (preference for native)
    • Android Studio
  • Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality  Environment Development

    • Unity 3D
    • C#
    • Script
    • Oculus
    • Vive
    • Google Cardboard
    • Google Daydream
    • Samsung Gear VR
  • Custom API Development

    • full stack web development
    • lamp, ror, node, js,


Android Developer, iOS Developer, Microsoft Developer, Facebook, Google Developer, Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, Freelancers Union