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My work includes mobile app project management, development, design, research & document (business logic, business viability, software design technologies, software design milestones, schedules, budgets, proposals…).

I also publish, debug, update, analyze – provide industry standard & customized technology suggestions with documented proof of my logic as needed. Every  project is unique and my role in each project is unique. I have been lead architect for most iOS & Android projects since 2010, but I do not care much about my title as long as my contributions are helping the team accomplish all our goals and we can all be proud to have our names on the work we do together.

I live, work and travel all over North America in both the USA and Canada. My job titles as a tech consultant have included:  Lead Web Architect since 1996, Lead iOS Architect since 2010 and Lead Android Architect since 2010.

I create iOS and Android mobile apps with java, objective-c and swift programming languages. Most of my professional experience and published mobile apps are native iOS and native Android. I also have experience developing hybrid and mobile web software solutions.

Some of my strengths that your team can benefit from when you work with me:

  • Location: Able to work onsite or remotely at any location in North America with a flexible schedule to match your team’s schedule.
  • iOS5 – iOS9: phone, tablet, iwatch, XCode, OS X, Objective-C, Swift, Cocoa Pod integration, Git Submodules, Core Data, Core Location, Core Animation, UIKit, Foundation, Contacts, MapKit, AVKit, Memory Management, Cocoa Design Patterns, AlamoFire, FireBase, Parse, Storyboard, Nibs, TableView, ListView, GridView, Custom Views
  • Android Gingerbread – Android Nougat:  phone, tablet, watch, tv, auto, Java, Android Studio, Eclipse, Linux, Windows, Reactive Programming, Memory Management, Fragments, Activities, Networking, Volley, Firebase, ActionBar Jackson, SquareUp, Picasso, Flickr API, RESTful web service integration, JSON
  • Mobile Architect: github, standard mobile baas, networking, JSON integration, memory management, RESTful web service integration,
  • Remote Engineering Team: setup & host video screencasts, create documentation (software design, milestones, budgets, specific technology choices & comparisons, GitHub pull requests, code reviews, mentoring, training, collaboration,
  • Personality:  Experienced ENTJ. I focus on doing all I can to ensure our team reaches all project goals and we can all be proud of the work we do as a team.
  • Equipment:  I’ve been developing software and technology solutions since I was able to read as a child. Of course all of my career requirements, equipment, environments and setup are the best available so that I can create solutions that provide the highest return on investment for me and the team I am working with.
  • Polyglot: I speak English, some Francais and some Kanienkeha.  I also write code and tech solutions with:  objective-c, swift, java, php, perl, html5, css3, js, python, ruby, rails, sql queries and pretty much anything else that any specific project requires.
  • Autodidact:  I do code katas for algorithm design with online resources. My ideal vacation is spending a whole week at a Big Nerd Ranch mobile app workshop. I’m always enrolled in online tech courses and experimenting with the newest programming languages, frameworks and other tech solutions.

Some of my Technology Interests

In my spare time I also experiment and build solutions with new and old technologies to satisfy my curiosity. I do code katas daily, review algorithm design & data structures university courses and other industry relevant topics that help me to always be learning new technology skills and improving my current / older skills.

  • Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear 2, Google Cardboard, Unity 3D, Blender
  • React Native, RXJava, RXSwift, Realm, Firebase
  • linux, apache, mysql, php, ruby on rails, perl, bash
  • A.I. : aiml, fuzzy logic, machine learning, natural language programming, voice recognition, animatronics, robotics,
  • IOT: Internet of things
  • IOE: Internet of Everything.
  • Android Automobile
  • iWatch
  • Android Wearables
  • NFC, RFID, BlueTooth, Beacons
  • Cryptography
  • Algorithm Design & Data Structures

VIP Membership, Tech Mentor, Tech Workshops & Custom Mobile Apps

Short video tutorials (5 minutes or less) to help you learn native and hybrid iOS Mobile App Development, Android Mobile App Development, Android Wearables Development, Design, Website Development & Design, and many other internet technology solutions (mysql, postgresql, nosql, linux, apache, php, ruby, rails, ruby on rails, wordpress, joomla, sugarcrm, phpprojekt, heroku, webhosting, dns, ftp, command line interface, xcode, eclipse, android studio, adobe, git, github, sublime, and so much more. Details


Resources to help you learn and develop real world mobile apps & websites that you can sell in the app stores and to your own clients. Details

A tech mentor is a valuable resource that can help you get through those complicated projects where you are learning ‘on the job’. Details

Web developers, software developers, mobile app developers, web designers, graphic designers, artists, entrepreneurs, small to medium sized business owners, and corporate groups will find many learning, teaching, and mentoring opportunities on MoniGarr.com that focus on objective-c, java, php, mysql, php, linux, apache, nosql, ios, android, android wearables, tizen wearables, animatronics, speech technologies, various mobile technologies, robotics, and all the neat stuff that curious developers, designers, architects, engineers, project managers, and similar go getter types of people want to learn about, create solutions with, and build a career with. Details